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I'm an enneagram type 9w1, goofy, detail oriented, beauty seeker. A bit of an optimist- sometimes to a fault. But I can't help it. I'm forever distracted by the tiny moments throughout the day that make us stop and go, wow. That's cute. I'm not crying. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, OKAY. 

I abandoned my biology degree to pursue a passion. Photographing people and how they connect with each other is, just, what I was meant to do. I don't see myself chasing after any other career!  

I fell in love with photographing people in love back in 2018 and shot my first wedding. I've been hooked ever since. My business philosophy is the same as my life philosophy- make space for people to just be themselves, and the rest is magic

A little about me


I'm miranda

Not just a photographer, a visual storyteller for loved-up souls

I'm an introverted extrovert. I love spending Friday nights at home, watching movies. I get a lot of my inspo from film (Wes Anderson, hello!) Nights in are comfy for me. But I love making myself uncomfy. Going out and meeting new people is something that inspires me, hard. I gather inspo from listening to peoples' stories, and watching how they connect with the world. 

But there is nothing more inspiring than creating new work. Photographing you & telling your story- that's the real inspo

Things that make me feel alive: connection, natural light, beauty in the chaos

To me, it's all about the experience. Not just a pretty photo.

With a focus on creating memories that will last forever, I capture your unique essence.

I create a safe space where vulnerability and trust is welcomed. Where you feel comfortable and never awkward.

I help you prepare for effortless photo sessions, giving you confidence in front of the camera.

My approach: Natural light, Documentary, Intimate, Emotive, Unique to You, Nostalgic, Experimental, Fun

"Miranda's presence is incredibly peaceful and kind. She's a unicorn photographer!" -Sam Anderson

Because I'm an introvert, my approach is pretty quiet. I'm not the photographer that is waving her hands, yelling out prompts and running around with excitement.   

That's not to say I'm not excited! I'm just more quiet, and observant. I love to step back and photograph what naturally happens.  

I believe music sets the tone for literally like, everything. So for portrait sessions, I always bring my speaker & play tunes for good vibes. 

I'm also an empath, and bounce off of whatever energy is in the room. If you're quiet & calm, so am I. If you're pumped and running around, so am I! I think that's what makes our time together so fun- the experience is always tailored to you. 

Pride & Prejudice (2005) is my favorite movie of all time and I watch it before every wedding season to get re-inspired (it influences a lot of my work!)

I'll do anything for..

Noticing tender moments - breakfast tacos - keeping house plants alive

One of my favorite things to do is listen to 22, A MILLION while burning a sweet candle and cleaning the shit out of my apartment. Clean vibes, always. Fresh. I can't stand clutter.

I love people watching as the sun goes down over the Trinity River.

Morning light. Morning light, anywhere, but specifically when it spills through the window and dances on the carpet.

I have never met a more creative and talented person. Her pictures stand out because she puts her creative and unique touch on every moment. If you are getting married, Miranda is your gal.

Sam & Garrett

Miranda is the only one I trust to photograph my family. She captures us as we are. She's incredibly easy to work with, and creates a safe environment that makes the session itself feel like a magical moment.

The Foster Family

Can't say enough about Miranda and her creativity. She's a photographer that knows how to let you be yourself, and will deliver photos above and beyond your wildest expectations.. Having her document our day was the best decision!

Scarlett & Clayton

Sweet Nothings

telling real love stories through documentary photography.

 For humans in love & building a legacy

No story is one and the same.
Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.

One Story

Two Souls